HAPS individual and customised products

HAPS offers individual and customised products for various applications:

Hinges for extreme sash weights of over 500 kg, also in a bullet-proof version. Furthermore, matching door hinges for your partition wall systems, carriage systems, faade fittings and special constructions for the industry. HAPS offers maximum and constant flexibility.

Partition wall systems

In the sanitary business modern partition walls systems guarantee effective use of space. We supply appropriate door hinges in the perfect match your product line.

Shipbuilding and vehicle construction

In harsh environments where man and material are subject to extreme conditions - each gram of weight which is dispensed with saves money and protects the environment - it's quality that counts. The high quality of our extruded aluminium parts is characterised by long life cycle and low weight.


Engineering in an industrial environment to be customised and immediately available. HAPS is the ideal partner for personal solutions, be it special parts in small series or large lot sizes entirely in line with your requirements.

Special parts

Whether in the fields of architecture or industry - time progresses, new materials and manufacturing processes open up new possibilities. We would like to accompany you in this continuous development process. Individual components for the industry, faade fittings or roll car systems - we develop and produce them especially for you in close consultation with you.

Solar panels

In the case of modern buildings, ecological aspects increasingly have to be taken into account alongside the economic aspects. Solar panels offer one possibility of regenerative energy sources. Fitted on roofs or on faades they back up heat or hot water generation. Solar modules transform sunlight into electric power. HAPS manufactures high-quality panel holding devices to meet your specific needs. In this respect fitting accuracy, minimal finishing and long life cycle are the important criteria.

Please contact us and let us know your personal requirements, we will take care of the solution.